Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Spotlight on Boston Area Nanny Support Group

Boston Area Nanny Support Group
Janice St. Clair
phone: 617-491-2541

Do you charge dues? No, we never want financial concerns to be a barrier from nannies connecting with other nannies, or with our events or resources.

What is unique about your group? BANSG provides something for everyone, with no pressure to be more involved than the individuals comfort level. "Membership" is very loose...any nanny can join the email list for announcements and tips and networking, whether they ever attend an event or not. There are free educational events, an annual volunteer project, coffee/ice cream/restaurant outings, Game Nights, "Relaxathons" and pot-luck parties, and people can come to as many or as few as they like. We also do "nanny networking" via our email newsletters, so nannies can find other individual nannies in their own community within the Greater Boston area for playdates and after-work get-togethers.

What membership benefits do you provide? See above, plus twice monthly email newsletters about upcoming local events of interest to nannies, tips, and resources. We also have a yahoogroup, and a website with information for local nannies and parents.

What would you like others to know about your group? Now that I'm the only one left running the group (as others have moved away or taken on greater work commitments), I've shifted BANSG's emphasis from running monthly events to encouraging and empowering other nannies on the email list to host events in their communities. Any nanny or agency on the email list can organize and host a free nanny event, and it can be as simple as meeting one day at a playground (or coffee shop or restaurant), or as complex as a potluck Game Night or educational event. I'm glad to help a first-time organizer with planning tips, and I'll post the info and contact email in the nanny newsletter. Several nannies have responded, one even organizing a white water rafting trip! There is now an ongoing weekly nanny dinner outing, in a different Boston suburb each time, run by 4 nannies who recently decided to take this on.

I'll continue to run the annual volunteer project, the January post-holiday Yankee Swap party, the Anniversary celebration, annual CPR renewal class, and possibly other events as time permits. The email Nanny News for Boston and Suburbs comes out faithfully twice a month!

Can businesses / industry services support your group? Yes, by forwarding the newsletter to the nannies they place and by making information on BANSG available to nannies who interview with them. Businesses can also donate goody bag and raffle items to our annual Anniversary Party, in exchange for thanks being announced during the raffle, on a donor list in the goodie bags, and on our website. Businesses are also encouraged to host free events open to all nannies, and I will gladly post the information to the BANSG email list.

Wishing you well,
Janice St.Clair

Career Nanny
Founder and Facilitator of
Boston Area Nanny Support Group (BANSG)
An independent group of nannies helping each other, since 2000