Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Earn Money for your Group using Affiliate Programs

Nanny Groups often struggle for funds to meet the needs of their membership and operating funds. I've found some great ways that NG's can earn money by simply placing a link on their website. If you don't have a website, this is the perfect time and reason to do one. There are many programs out there, you just have to be observant and diligent in applying. ADCAN participates in the some of these, and the revenue generated helps offset the monthly cost of our website, printing of the newsletter, and treating our membership at special events.

Check out these programs ...

Providing a link to amazon.com on your site, shoppers enter Amazon, and a portion of each eligible purchase price is credited to your group. Money is direct deposited into your account each month.

Purchase New and Renew magazine subscriptions through this service. A whopping 40% of the purchase price is sent to your group via check.

Order business or personal business cards, Nanny Group promotional materials, postcards, magnets, pens and much more and earn funds for your group with each purchase.

MindWare is the newest one I've discovered. It markets itself as Brainy Toys for Kids of All Ages. A perfect fit for nannies and Nanny Groups.

With hundreds of items to choose from, put your logo or message on these items, and earn money from each order.

Just in time for the holidays. Apply for these, and let your membership know they can use your links provided to do their holiday shopping, and anytime shopping and support your nanny group. ADCAN has printed special business cards to hand out and mail to our friends and family to remind them to use these sites when doing their online shopping. You can do the same. Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

Know of other affiliate programs? Share them with us so we can all benefit.