Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spotlight on CincyNanny

CincyNanny is a very new Nanny Community. Our first gathering will be Sat., Sept 26, 7:00 - 9:00, for a free National Nanny Recognition Week Dinner at Red Tree Gallery in Oakley. Red Tree is a privately owned Art gallery/Coffee Shop that has amazing ambiance and will provide a private, comfortable atmosphere. We have been able to reserve the whole location. The goal of the meeting is to meet all the Nannies in the city and allow them to meet each other. I will share professional resources and connect them to the national "Nanny World".

I will be encouraging membership to INA, the credential exam, and share other association opportunities. I will also give a detailed survey to find out what the group, as a whole, is looking for - education, resources, play dates, online forum, nanny nights out, etc. From the answers to the survey, the CincyNanny Community will be created in the order of priority decided by the group. We are absolutely brand new! There is so much to be determined.

Do you charge dues?
2009 membership will be promoted at the NNRW dinners a free to all members. Dues will begin in January of 2010. Price of dues to be determined.

What is unique about your group?
We are brand new - under construction! This group has been started out of the desire and the need for families and nannies to find each other for positions. As a Nanny, I constantly have families looking for nannies and nannies looking for the families. I began advertising short posts on my blog, From there I was constantly talking to nannies, encouraging them in their profession and found I was answering the same questions over and over. (Same thing for the families). I was trying to influence our community in a professional way. I was realizing that there are far more Nannies in Cincinnati than anyone could know. There is no "water cooler" for them, no place to gather and be challenged, connect , and vent. I hope to set a standard for Professional Nannies in Cincinnati, through the standards International Nanny Association has set for me. The ultimate goal is to influence the future children in our city.

What membership benefits you provide?
Currently we have a website where nannies and families can post their needs for each other. I have been able to mentor many Nannies, through this service. It is a safe place with no contact information and resumes are forwarded upon interest. There is no charge. After our NNRW dinner, we will establish education, resources, play dates, online forum, nanny nights out, as desired in the priority determined by the community.

Possibilities in the future: Affiliation process, online references, tools for hiring, consulting, help with contract negotiation, help to other communities in other cities as they start their own groups.

What would you like others to know about your group?
Mission: Advocate for Nannies. Provider for Families. Connecting, to enrich the lives of Children. We are passionate about the children we care for. We are professional, quality caregivers and we want to set the standard for others in the city. (see my first paragraph :)

Can/business/industry support your group?
We are open to this, but again just starting and unsure of the specific need.

Greta Schraer
Professional Nanny
Director of CincyNanny


Anonymous said...

Best of Luck on your new group!
I have been part of several start up Nanny support groups over the years and so I know the time and effort is great but also so rewarding.
Nanny in Boston

Just g said...

I wish your group much success in meeting it's goals. I don't know you well but from what I know of you, you are a true leader and the nanny profession needs leaders for the next generation of profesesional nannies.
Great work Greta!
There are lots of seasoned nannies out here cheering you on, don't forget to use us for resources and support.

Buffi Gentry said...

Good luck, Greta! The ties and friendships you'll make with your group will last you a lifetime. Some of my oldest and dearest friends are former nannies part of my group now.